Finding Balance

As I begin my journey to become “Charcoal Meg” I am wondering, as a mother of 5 young children, can I be a “really good” mom and a successful artist? Is it even possible? How do I find balance? Where is that perfect spot in the middle where the stars align and everything just falls into place?

Motherhood is a fulltime 24/7, often monotonous, job filled with unexplainable moments of pure delight, joy and satisfaction, but I still feel sometimes that there is something missing from my life….and then I feel GUILTY about it. Not just any old guilt but the big nagging mommy guilt. I willingly and eagerly signed up for parenthood and I’d never change my decision, but is it ok for me to want other things as well?

I have so many questions for myself, so many answers to find. How can I use my vocation of motherhood to better my art, influence it? How can I use my faith and gifts from God to inspire and improve it? How can I guard my heart against ever  feeling resentful of my motherhood, especially when it seems to block me from being able to focus on anything else?

So I invite you to come along with me as I strive to answer some of these questions and become a “little charcoal pencil” in the hand of God.